How to grow fast?

It really doesn't matter if you are operating your beauty business for a year, two, ten, or haven't even started yet.

There are a few main key secrets in running a 6 FIGURE beauty salon and it doesn't have to be big or expensive!

If you know exactly where to put your time in, how to create and schedule engaging content with your audience you will WIN big time!

How to build irresistible social media platforms?

Imagine this - a random person visits your account and BOOM - they are amazed and cough up by the content you have...

They want to see more about what you can offer and post. Why?

Because you have followed all the rules of creating an engaging irresistible platform that instantly screams to everyone who visits it - THIS IS THE BEST IVE EVER SEEN!

But who is this girl speaking to you now?

My name is Paula and I'm the CEO of a multi-award-winning beauty salon in Dublin, founder of our beauty academy, certified and accredited trainer and coach and I have built a 6 FIGURE business by the age of 26!

I'm sure I could have done it faster if I only knew how simple it was. There is no need to invent a bike, everything has been already done we just have to learn to master it well and to be honest it is not hard and not expensive at all.

I'm passionate to share how all of these steps and strategies have helped me over the past few years and how my business grew in 6 months just following simple schedules and a few rules. You can do it too!

Start the engine!

There is no need to purchase expensive ads - organic marketing WORKS! You just have to know how to start the engine that's all. But if you choose to add a penny or two I'll show you the least expensive ways to market on Facebook - and the adds truly works wonders

What do you get from this webinar?

My 4 years of work gathered in the simplest way to give instant results! Topics that no beauty business can run without. And the value that will turn your client flow around drastically

The main topics of the webinar

1. How to build irresistible social media platforms?

2. Secrets in finding and maintaining clients. Target Marketing

3. How will you benefit from engaging with your audience?

4. Facebook and IG Algorithm. How does it work

5. Treatments and offers. How to become irresistible?

• Instant Access
• Includes Certificate