How does it work?

Once registered for any of our online courses you will instantly receive a link with a password to access your course material on our convenient training platform. It’s suitable to view on your phone or your computer. Manuals, video demonstrations and tutorials prepared by us and tasks that you will have to complete to finish the course.


Will I receive products?

Yes. You can choose to purchase the course including a product OR without it. If you choose a program including a kit we will post them the next working day. It should reach you withing 2 – 3 working days ir Ireland or 5 – 10 days outside of Ireland. If you choose to NOT purchase a kit you can work with your products or purchase them yourself separately.


Is it the same as in-class training?

Yes. The course content and structure is the same, but you study by the manuals and videos you receive. There is no meeting with the trainer in class. If you are someone who likes to study in peace, at your own time, not pressured by the time this is the right option for you.


What if I need help?

We are always here to answer any questions and give advise at any step of your course. You can easily contact us via email ( ) phone +353830364447 or our social media platforms.


What qualification do I receive after the course?

All of our programs are Accredited with ABT Ireland. That means they have been reviewed and approved by the largest accreditation provider in Ireland and UK. You will receive recognised insurable diplomas. They are the same as in standard in-class training.


How will I receive my certificate?

Once completed the course we will post a paper certificate to you


How much time will I have to complete the training?

The manuals and access to your course material is valid for a year. ( 2 months if you are studying through social welfare training grants ( find out more here )

You have a full year to submit your home case studies and pass your courses. The training can be completed as fast as a few days or as long as a year – it’s completely up to you!


What if I need further help after completing online courses?

We are always here to help. We can answer further questions you might have by remote or offer special rates if you would like to attend in-class practice. We have training available all over Ireland – Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford, Portlaoise, Belfast


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