What are the benefits of evening courses?

As any other training evening courses have it’s own benefits ✨

• Our classes start from 6.30pm making a suitable schedule for most working students

• Each class takes 2 hours. It’s an ideal amount of time to practise without feeling overwhelmed, tired or anxious.

• Our classes are scheduled once per week giving you space to rest, learn from home, practise in your own space & time & come back to the practical classes ready to learn more

• Joining our online courses you will also receive the same training materials with videos to practise from home

• You will take all your training kits home after the 1st day

• You don’t have to pay for these courses in advance. There are weekly payments so you can pay as you go

• It’s an easier, faster & more secure way to learn. During these courses you receive more practise comparing to standart full day classes since here you will practise every meeting.

• All of our courses are Accredited with ABT IRELAND 🇮🇪 so that means you are gaining a recognised, insurable qualification

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